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Purulia City also known as "Manbhum City", is a city located in West Bengal state, India, and was constituted in 1876. It is the location of the district headquarters of Purulia district. Purulia is located on the north of the Kasai river and is a major road and railway junction. It has an area of 6,259 km2. It is famous for the Chhau dance.

Purulia is located at 23.33°N 86.37°E. It has an average elevation of 228 metres (748 feet). Summers are hot and dry with temperatures ranging from lows of 23 °C to highs above 45 °C. The temperature reached the highest level in the country on June 18, 2005 at 51.1 °C. Winters are dry and cool with daily temperatures ranging from 5 °C to 20 °C. Most of the rainfall occurs during the wet monsoons. It has many major rivers such as the Damodar, Subernarekha, Kangsabati, and Kumari, along with many dams including Kangsabati dam, Panchet dam, Maithon dam, Murguma dam, and Baghmundi dam. It has a varied landscape consisting of plains, plateaus and hills. Most of the major land forms can be found here. Purulia soil is red and it is said that the soil has the most iron in it compared to other soil in India. The portion of the Ajodha range located in Purulia is the starting point of the Chottanagpur plateau.

The major festivals are Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Manasa Puja, Saraswati Puja & Makar Parab. The whole city is decorated during Diwali. Tribe Saontal's major festival is Bandna or Bandana (it is called as "Saharai parab" by the Santals) which is celebrated in the Bengali month of "Kartik" or "Poush". In this festival they play music, dance together and eat meat-based special dishes like "Manser Pitha". They also take local liquor as a part of their culture named "Hadia". The Saharai parab is celebrated during four days, like (a) Umm (1st day) (b) Daka (2nd day) (c) Khuntau (3rd day) and (d) Jale (4th day). 'Bhadu' is another festival started by Panchakot Raj of Kashipur after the death of a king's daughter named Bhadrabati and nowadays it is enjoyed by the local mass. Karma is a tribe festival in Purulia where tribal people worship the tree whose local name is 'Karam'. Poila Baisakh (The first day of Bengali new year) is also observed in Purulia by the local people with religious culture and Chhou dance. Tourism Festival (Porjoton Utsab) in Raghunathpur Joychandi Pahar is the most popular festival in Purulia District during the last week of December.