The Sundarbans is a natural region comprising southern Bangladesh and a part in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The Sundarbans covers approximately 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 sq mi) most of which is in Bangladesh with the remainder in India. The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read More..

Destination: Sundarban Tour Package

Duration: 3 days

Price:Rs. 5000

Package cost(Canning to Canning): NON AC AC Child(Above 5 Years) Rs. 4000 Rs. 5000 SAME AS ADULT.

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Sundarban Tour

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DAY NO.1- Sonakhali

Sonakhali, Gosaba(Hamilton Banglow, Rabindranath Tagor's ), Pakhiralay, Birds Forest.
Morning : Puri, vegetable, sweet,Tea/coffi.
11am : pakora, Tea/coffi.
Lunch : Rice, Dal, potato fry, patal pron, stream Hilsa, Brinjal Hilsa, chutney, papad, salad. 03pm : Fruit 05pm : Tea/coffi. Afternoon : Masala Muri, Baguni. Diner : Rice/Ruti, Dal, Fry, Mutton Cary, chutney.


Sagne khali (W.T), Bonobibi Bharani Khari, Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Daul Bharani, Pancha Mukhani, Do-banki (T.W), Night Stay at Hotel, Jbumur Ghan at night.
Early Morning : Tea/Coffi Morning : Cadhuri, Vegetable, Sweet, Tea/Coffi. 11am : pron pakora, Tea/coffi.
Lunch : Rice, Dal, Fry, Hilsa Head with kochu shak, sarsa Hilsa, Bavda Malaikary, chutney, papad, salad,. 03pm : Green coconut. Afternoon : Chicken Pakora, Tea/coffi. Diner : Roti, Fried Rice, Chili Chicken, chutney, papad, salad.

DAY NO.3- Sajne Khali (W.T)

Sajne Khali (W.T), Sarak khali, I-Land, Sudhannakhali(W.T), Back to Sonakhali/Canning .
Early Mor : Tea, Biscuit. Morning : Radhaballavi, patato cary, Sweet, Tea/Coffi. 11am : Finger Chips, Tea/Coffi.
Lunch : Jira Rice, Mug Dal, potato posta, Hilsa Tok, Dai Hilsa, chutney, papar, salad.

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